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  • Employing outcome-driven people and looking after them has been a key part of how we do business. People are central to the culture and success of SDF Electrical. We are committed to being an Employer of choice, though this is not a new vision.
  • Our business is truly “Powered by People.”
  • We are a company that prides itself on its ‘family’ culture & we seek out high-calibre people
  • We are a company that has a team philosophy that is apparent each and every day
  • We believe in nurturing the skills of our team members and providing growing levels of responsibility.
  • Our employees are highly skilled and motivated. We work hard at nurturing a workplace that is safe and rewarding and achieves a healthy work life balance.
  • Our work environment of honesty, integrity, compassion and a commitment to staff, clients and workplace partners, has led to stability & many long term employees within the company.

Before you apply for a role with SDF, please take the time to familiarise yourself with our work and the company information on this website, and review the following documents:

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We are not currently hiring any new team members. We are happy for you to submit your application, however due to the volume of applications we receive and being fully staffed at present, you may not receive an immediate response. Thank you for your understanding.

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Safety to be recognised as a key success factor for the business
SDF Electrical is committed to creating an environment for its entire organisation, where safety will be recognised as a critical success factor in our day to day and long term business objective. We intend to achieve this objective through ensuring we keep our people informed and also properly induct our new employees on how to work safely, be responsible for their own safety and that of their co-worker’s well being at all times.

Everyone to work towards an incident and injury free workplace
SDF Electrical will continue to provide training, equip everyone appropriately and provide opportunities for our people to improve on our work methods to ensure the work environment is of the highest safety standards and stay incident free. We want our people to have the confidence and trust that everyone understands and work towards achieving an incident and injury free workplace.

Commitment to a “Safety Improvement Program”
At SDF Electrical we want our people to understand that all accidents are preventable and that there is no place for anyone to take short cuts and create an unsafe environment under any circumstances.

To facilitate achievement of our safety objective, SDF Electrical has embarked on a Safety Improvement Program, engaging a specialist “Safety Culture” development organisation to provide safety leadership development and training for our people.

Training and progressive surveys to monitor progress
To ensure that we are focused on the right aspects of safety improvement, we will survey our people first before starting our training program. We will do progress surveys to monitor our progress and adjust our program to suit.